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For YOUth & For Impact!

Our mission at AUNUA GLOBAL is to address the diverse challenges confronting today’s youth by forging partnerships with leading industry experts in psychology, education, economics, environmentalism, and empowerment. Through collaborative efforts with aligned organisations, we strive to effect significant global change for the empowerment of youth.







Our vision is to create a new way for children and young people to learn, lead and love their best lives. Our vision is to partner with innovative learning guides as we aim to open up the doors of the AUNUA ACADEMY as an entirely new school with a new curriculum as we believe the current one desperately needs to evolve. Enabling young people to use their creative and critical thinking to solve problems as they rise above the challenges. Fostering good relationships and leadership skills and engaging them in exciting innovative project-based leaning. We aim to lowers the barriers for all children to be included as global citizenship that can live meaningful lives with a purpose.

Instilling a strong sense of value and purpose among our volunteers, youth ambassadors and heroes we are growing a diverse and inclusive community for young people to thrive and grow. Building connections and cultivating kindness is at the heart of all that we do as we work with young people to help them to create a positive change within their lives, homes, schools, and communities.

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Connecting hearts and minds
that can ripple an impact
around the world.

Think, Inspire, Accept and Connect with your Best Self and Others


Through our growing global community, we engage youth ambassadors to facilitate workshops and global events under the ROAR commitment.Our aim is to inspire and motivate young individuals by furnishing them with digital tools and a roadmap to chart their desired life paths.

What’s the story you want to tell, what’s the life you want to live?

Discover your ROAR


Recognize your strengths and your greatness. We all have different gifts and talents. When we are living accordingly to our values and abilities, it becomes a starting point for being happy and being comfortable in our own skin.


Open up awareness of yourself and of the world around you to help create a kinder, more compassionate, generous world. We together, can create an environment where everyone can be at their best, where young people can be successful, where we can shine and use our strengths.


Accept ourselves and everyone around us. It is important we all celebrate the differences because we can all grow, expand and learn more if we spend time with people who think differently than us. Our world expands, life expands and becomes richer, brighter, and better. Life becomes more exciting.


Reconnect with others and our communities helps us to feel part of something bigger than ourselves. When we feel authentically connected, we have the courage, the strength to handle life as it is and gives us more power to handle the ups and downs of life in a powerful way.

Discover how your natural skills, talents and other gifts can serve as a guiding roadmap to help you thrive in living, leading, and loving your best life. On this personal development journey you will learn to Think Your Best.

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Open Up your self-awareness

Discover new ways to express yourself and use your own unique and authentic voice, gifts and talents to create a kinder, more compassionate world. Inspire and be inspired by this inclusive community where everyone is encouraged within an respectful space where new friendships can grow within this innovative inclusive global community.

Meet our Youth Ambassadors

Acceptance in yourself and everyone around you

This is where you do most of your growth as now you are ready to step into the ROAR community as a global citizen that can create a meaningful difference.

Not everyone will think or act like you, and if you expect them to, you will go through life feeling disappointed. We guide you on a journey of appreciating the differences that others bring into your life as they can both inspire and teach you about yourself too!


Reconnect with Your Best Self, Others and your communities

Connecting you with innovative ways to use your ROAR as an impactful tool that helps you to better navigate your life’s journey and discover ways that you can live your life with purpose. Do this all within an exciting young community that celebrates the diversity that each person brings. 

Now is your time to shine and share your message with the world as we welcome you to join the Virtual World of Impact. Access a whole new world of new possibilities. 

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