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Let’s bottle this and take Action together! (#letsbottlethis)

Beginning the first part of our documentary series with DT films, we will be following the journeys and impactful stories of children in Ireland as they participate in a project that bridges the divide with and helps to empower children in Africa in our quest to combat climate change.

Ireland (Re-turn) launched a national campaign to help address climate change by introducing an initiative that incentivises the re-use of plastic bottles by returning them to shops and redeem vouchers to get money back. We now have an opportunity to extend this impact by encouraging children and youth to join the #letsbottlethis fundraising campaign.

The campaign will enable Irish children to be actively involved in a project that encourages them to recycle whilst giving them the opportunity to see how their actions can have ripples of impact in a community in Kenya, Africa. They will directly be empowering young people to build their own youth centre out of plastics bottles and a sports arena from recycled plastics and used tires. YOUR action can help empower young people to thrive and grow their economy by providing them with an educational centre and giving them environmental solutions that help reduce toxins in the water, and air they breathe, and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere from the pollution caused by burning tires.

Empowered by AUNUA, Think Ocean, Quad B, Upcycle Africa


Sign up here if you want to initiate a bottle fundraising campaign within your school, club or community and let us help get you started today. By participating you will simply by recycling your plastic bottles and your action will have ripples of impact far and wide so join us(#letsbottlethis)!

    Let’s make this national campaign a global one, and let’s work together in saving our future.

    Ireland was listed in https://goodcountry.org/ as the Goodest country in the world back in 2014 and we can do this again together with #letsbottlethis