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Empowering Abilities

Showcasing the remarkable talents of young people and now individuals with disabilities, this initiative gives them a voice and allows them to express their distinct abilities through their involvement in the Positive Vibes movement, as one that encourages them to excel and shine brightly.
This empowering journey began in Dublin in 2023 at the Sun studio recording studio, where twelve extraordinary children from the Show Stoppers stage school came together to lend their voices to the chorus of the Positive Vibes song, recording alongside the musical icon Skyler Jett for Music for Global Change.

Listen to the Positive Vibes song here

These children became the catalyst for a broader movement aimed at all children, centered around the themes of spreading love and kindness. This concept has since blossomed into a worldwide campaign, underscoring the significance of giving children the freedom to express themselves through music, dance, and performance. Our goal is to foster an environment of inclusion, acceptance, and diversity in everything we undertake.

What does Positive Vibes hold for you?

We are thrilled to share that Chad Harper of Hip Hop Changes Lives will be collaborating with a group of children in Ireland. Together, they will engage in writing and recording a song, followed by the production of a music video. This initiative marks the beginning of a documentary series that will capture the essence of the city’s culture and culminate in the launch of a national campaign to spotlight the musical talents of young people and within the intellectual disability community. This campaign will extend across several cities nationwide, culminating the series with a grand finale.

This initiative is proudly supported by AUNUA and its partners: