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We are dedicated in supporting the mental health and well-being of children and young people. Our concern lies with the current state of the educational curriculum, which, in our view, confines our youth within a system that not only fails to alleviate anxiety and unhappiness but is also outdated and ill-equipped for preparing them for the challenges of the future.
Our mission is to launch the AUNUA ACADEMY, envisioning it as a beacon of change in education, adopting a curriculum that urgently addresses the need for reform. We believe in enabling, encouraging, and empowering young minds to thrive, fostering happiness, creativity, critical thinking, good relationships, leadership skills, and engagement in innovative project-based learning. This approach aims to spark their interest and prepare them to tackle global challenges head-on.
Our aim is to develop curriculum with the collaboration of experts, mentors, and learning guides from various fields such as psychology, education, economy, environment, and philanthropy. Our journey towards creating this curriculum will be documented, laying the groundwork for what we hope will become a transformative educational model. This model will not only prioritise the happiness and wellbeing of young people but will also be shared with educators and mentors through training programs and online resources, enhancing the educational experience and paving the way for a new approach to learning.
We believe investing in our children’s future is of paramount importance, and we are reaching out for your support to bring this vision to life. Our plan is to start this revolutionary educational journey in Dublin, with aspirations to expand across Ireland and beyond.

PLEASE join us in making this possible.

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