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Bringing Generations Together and fostering quality of life.

Do you want to make a difference by mentoring a young person, or are you a young person in search of a mentor?

We aim to bridge the generational gap by cultivating a better appreciation of both youth and seniors as both generations can equally benefit from the opportunity to create more meaningful connections.

YOUTH can benefit from the knowledge and experience of retired mentors, to teach, advise, and on occasion, be a helpful guide and shoulder to lean on.

 SENIORS have lived a full life and can serve as excellent mentors to the younger members of our society and they can learn new skills and gain new connections and mutual companionship.

Join us to help close this gap and find a mentor or mentee for you.

The Goal of Generation Unite

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    Our Youth have been faced with much uncertainty about their future, and having someone to offer them guidance on making better life choices and indeed on their career pathway is an opportunity for them to learn, thrive and grow.

    Our seniors had been isolated from society for so long during Covid, feeling a sense of disempowerment and fear. However, they too can benefit from the project, like learning new skills, such as technology, and having a mentee often leave them feeling rejuvenated, while giving them a great sense of purpose.

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